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DNA Academy: Genetic Genealogy for Beginners & Intermediate

In this comprehensive genetic genealogy course you will learn multiple techniques for demystifying and organizing your research, introducing you to essential tools and tried-and-true methods, while giving you the key skills and confidence to identify biological relations and leap over brick walls.


Ericka Grizzard
Professional Genetic Genealogist
Cyndi Harlin
Professional Genetic Genealogist

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  • Self-paced, allowing a flexible learning experience.
  • Building-block format, teaching the basics before moving on to more complex concepts.

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Created by Professionals

Created by professional genealogists with 40+ years of cumulative experience, sharing their tried-and-true research methods.

Dedicated Support Team

Ongoing technical support from the dedicated Trace team

No Time Limits

Flexible self-paced experience, allowing you to learn at your convenience.

Self-Directed Learning Activities

Built-in learning activities to apply the lessons to your own genealogical research.

Skills Certificate

Certificate possibility for successful completion of course.

Expert Video Q&A

Step-by-step video and hand-out tutorials, explaining the methods presented in the course.

Course contents

 Who is this course for?

This DNA Course is for you if:
You've taken a DNA test and have asked, "now what?"
You want to learn about a tried-and-true method for utilizing autosomal DNA test results.
You're exploring doing DNA research as a profession.

You're seeking out biological family members.
You need assistance with determining which test is best for you.
You have a research brick wall that has bothered you for years.

Ready to level up your DNA Skills?

We will help you unlock your potential in the field of genetic genealogy research. Whether you're looking to overcome a research brick wall or ultimately become a DNA researcher, this course will help. Learn to use all the relevant tools, practice the methodologies and learn alongside professionals each step of the way.

  • Over 1,400 hours spent writing course, researching and learning design
  • 27 learning modules
  • Over 100 lessons/chapters
  • Over 20 handouts/guides/worksheets
  • Over 20 skills practice applications

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need prior experience using DNA in research?

This course is constructed so that someone with little-to-no experience can develop genetic genealogy research skills. The course increases in complexity as it continues, so even a more experienced researcher should find it useful as well.

Will this help me find my biological parent?

Though the course itself may not directly lead to finding your biological parent(s), as there are a variety of factors that play into DNA research success, the skills and knowledge acquired will definitely help in this pursuit. We’ve focused a lot of the course learning on practical application of tried-and-true DNA methodologies.

Will this help me break down my genealogy brick wall?

Depending on the project, an understanding of your DNA can definitely help break down certain genealogy brick walls. It is not a solve-all solution, however, DNA is one component that can be very helpful in genealogy research and this course is the most robust DNA course on the market.

Is this course supposed to be completed in a specific time?

There is no specified amount of time you are required to complete the course in. That being said, we estimate the course to take about five weeks. 

What do I receive buying this course?

You receive full access to the course, including 1,400 hours of research and learning design to create 29 modules (27 learning + orientation and conclusion), over 100 lessons/chapters, over 20 handouts/guides/worksheets, almost 20 skills practice applications, and more. 

Who authored the course?

The course was authored by members of the Trace Genealogy Team. These Professional Genealogists have 40+ years cumulative experience in genealogy research. Their experience includes certificates from Boston University’s genealogical program, Progen, as well as other programs. They currently practice genealogy, working on genealogy projects for clients every day. Trace was founded in 2014 and has successfully helped thousands of customers overcome their complicated research brick walls.

Will I get a certificate upon completion of the course?

Upon achieving 80% or better on all skill assessments, participants will be able to receive a certificate of completion. You will receive a digital certificate.

What support is offered upon buying this course?

Technical support will be offered during standard business hours via email at